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Prof. Wang Ruzhu

CVs of Prof. Wang Ruzhu (R.Z. Wang),Cheung Kong Chair Professor

Tel: +8621 - 3420 6548
Email: rzwang [at] sjtu.edu.cn

B.S., Refrigeration and Cryogenics, 1984, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
M.S., Refrigeration and Cryogenics, 1987, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Ph.D., Refrigeration and Cryogenics, 1990, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Fields of Interest
1) Thermal driven sorption refrigeration
2) Solar heating, cooling and their applications
3) Green energy systems for buildings
4) Heat transfer related to heating and cooling technologies

Prof. Wang is a leading scientist for adsorption refrigeration research and solar cooling in the world, he has had systematic studies on adsorption refrigeration including the working principles, adsorption refrigeration working pairs, heat and mass transfer and thermodynamics. In recent years he had a deep involvement of green building energy systems. As a scientist in cryogenics, he also contributed a lot on heat transfer to superfluid helium.
Prof. Wang has published 5 books and more than 300 peer-reviewed articles, over 180 of which are in international journals. He is the executive editor of Energy and associate editor of Solar Energy, Chinese Journal of Solar Energy (Acta Solaries Sinica)and Chinese Journal of Refrigeration. In 2010, his project “Solar Air Conditioning and High Efficient Heating Equipments and Applications” has won the 2nd prize of State Technological Invention Award in China.
His group has developed various adsorption refrigeration systems which were highlighted in the world. Prof. Wang has pushed the researches for the efficient use of low grade heat by thermal driven technologies, heat pumps and combined cooling, heating and power systems.
Prof. Wang has been invited frequently as keynote or plenary lecturers in international conferences. He has very close collaborations with refrigeration industries worldwide. Meanwhile he had a lot of involvement in the future development of Energy in China.

Selected Awards, Honors and Positions in Professional Societies

  1. State Technological Invention Award (2nd Prize, Rank 1) ,2010, Solar Air Conditioning and High Efficient Heating Equipments and Applications, granted by Ministry of Science and Technology, China.
  2. Model Teacher of China, 2009, granted by Ministry of Education, China.
  3. Shanghai Natural Science Award (1st Prize, Rank 1), 2008, Researches on Adsorption Refrigeration Mechanisms, Thermodynamic Cycles and Heat and Mass Transfer, granted by Shanghai Municipal Government.
  4. National Top 100 Outstanding Professors, 2007, granted by Ministry of Education, China.
  5. Cheung Kong Chair Professor, 2000, granted by Ministry of Education, China.
  6. Chairman of International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technology (SET2010)
  7. Chairman of International Conference on Cryogenics and Refrigeration (ICCR’2008)
  8. Chairman of International Sorption Heat Pump Conf (ISHPC’2002)
  9. Executive editor of Energy
  10. Associate editor of:Solar Energy,Chinese Journal of Solar Energy (Acta Solaries Sinica),Chinese Journal of Refrigeration
  11. Editorial board member of:International Journal of Refrigeration
    Applied Thermal Engineering
    Energy Conversion and Management
    Sustainable Cities and Societies
    Chinese Science Bulletin
    Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
    Chinese Journal of Engineering Thermophysics
    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  12. President of Shanghai Society of Refrigeration
  13. Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Heat Transfer
  14. Vice president, B2 commission of International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR)

Plenary lectures

  1. International Sorption Heat Pump Conference’2008 (Sept. 23-25,2008, Seuol, Korea), “Solar Sorption Cooling Systems for Residential Applications: Options and Guidelines”
  2. 2008 Int’l Compressor Engineering Conference and Int’l Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference (July 14-17, 2008, Purdue University, USA), “Trends and Perspectives of China HVAC & R”
  3. The annual conference of Italy Association of Refrigeration (Nov. 14, 2008, Vicenza, Italy ) (AICARR’2008) “Sorption Cooling for CCHP Systems”
  4. 7th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (2006-Trondheim, Norway),  “Perspectives for Natural Working Fluids in China”.
  5. International Sorption Heat Pump Conference’2005 (June 22-24, 2005; Denver, CO, USA) “Adsorption refrigeration - An efficient way to make good use of waste heat and solar energy”
  6. International Sorption Heat Pump Conference’2002 (Sept.24-27,2002-Shanghai), “Adsorption refrigeration researches and applications in SJTU”

Keynote lectures

  1. The 14th International Heat Transfer Conference (August 8-13, 2010, Washington D.C., USA), “Heat Transfer Design in Adsorption Refrigeration Systems for Efficient Use of Low Grade Thermal Energy”
  2. International Conference on Multiphase Flow (May 30-June 4, 2004, Yokohama, Japan), “Boiling heat transfer in Helium II with complicated phase changes”
  3. 6th International Seminar of Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps and Refrigerators (Sept.12-15,2005, Minsk, Belarus) “Efficient adsorption refrigerators integrated with heat pipes”
  4. 4th International Seminar of Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps and Refrigerators (Sept.4-7,2000, Minsk, Belarus)  “Performance improvement of adsorption heat pump by heat and mass recovery operations” 

Selected Research Projects 

  1. R.Z. Wang. Development of solar/geothermal driven quadra-gen sorption systems, RMB 2 million, August 01, 2010 – July 31, 2013, Key project of the Natural Science Foundation of China for international academic exchanges
  2. R.Z. Wang.Multi-Effect and Double-Way Adsorption Refrigeration for Efficient Utilization of Low Grade Heat, RMB 1.9 million, 2008-2011, Key project of the Natural Science Foundation of China
  3. R.Z. Wang. Research on Solar heating, cooling, ventilation systems and their  interfaces with buildings, RMB 5.465 million, 2006-2010, National Key Technologies R&D Program, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).
  4. R.Z. Wang. Research and Demonstration on the High Efficient Use of Clean Energy in Urban Area, RMB 0.9 million, 2005-2007, the Specialized Research Fund for Shanghai World Expo of MOST, China
  5. R.Z. Wang. Italian-SJTU Green Energy Laboratory, Euro 1 million, 2007-2010, Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea.
  6. R.Z. Wang. Advanced Air Conditioning Systems and Markets, RMB 40 million, 2003-2011, Daikin Industries, Japan.

Selected Patents
1.  R.Z. Wang, Y.H. Kuang, Y.X. Xu, J.Y. Wu. Direct expansion Solar assisted heat pump and hot water system, ZL 03150625.9, 2006
2.  R.Z. Wang, J.Y. Wu, F.L. Kong. Self heating Uniform by adsorption technology, ZL 2004 1 0067144.5, 2006
3.  R.Z. Wang, X.H. Huang, X.Q. Kong, J.Y. Wu. Micro CCHP system based upon solid sorption refrigerator, ZL200310108451.9, 2006
4.  R.Z. Wang, X.Q. Zhai, Y.J. Dai, J.Y. Wu, Y.X. Xu, Q. Ma. Solar hybrid energy system based upon adsorption chiller, ZL 2005 1 0028217.4, 2007
5.  R.Z. Wang, Y.H. Kuang, Y.X. Xu, J.Y. Wu. Solar-air source heat pump water heater, ZL 03150626.7, 2008
6.  R.Z. Wang, X. Yu, X.Q. Zhai. Ground source heat pump HVAC systems with heat recovery used for archives buildings, ZL 200810042772.6, 2009
7.  T.X. Li, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang, J.Y. Wu. Multi effect adsorption refrigeration cycle system, ZL 200810040453.1, 2009
8.  R.Z. Wang, Z.H. Sun, J.Y. Wu, X.Q. Zhai. Building integrated solar heat pump heating system based upon self adapting control, ZL 200810033727.4, 2010 

Selected publications

  • R.Z. Wang, X.Q. Zhai. Development of solar thermal technologies in China . Energy, 2010, 35(11):4407-4416.
  • T.X. Li, R.Z. Wang, J.K. Kiplagat, H. Chen. Experimental study and comparison of thermochemical resorption refrigeration cycle and adsorption refrigeration cycle. Chemical Engineering Science, 2010, 65(14):4222-4230
  • R.Z. Wang, T. S. Ge, C. J. Chen, Q. Ma, Z. Q. Xiong. Solar sorption cooling systems for residential applications: options and guidelines, International Journal of Refrigeration, 2009, 32: 638-660.
  • T.X. Li, R.Z. Wang, R.G. Oliveira, J.K. Kiplagat, L.W. Wang. A combined double-way chemisorption refrigeration cycle based on adsorption and resorption processes, International Journal of Refrigeration, 2009, 32(1): 47-57.
  • R. Z. Wang, Efficient adsorption refrigerators integrated with heat pipes, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2008, 28(4):317-326.
  • L. W. Wang, R. Z. Wang, Z. Z. Xia, J. Y. Wu. Studies on heat pipe type adsorption ice maker for fishing boats. International Journal of Refrigeration, 2008, 31(6):989-997.
  • R.Z. Wang, Y. Li. Perspectives for natural working fluids in China. International Journal of Refrigeration, 2007, 30(4): 568-581
  • T.X. Li, R.Z. Wang, R. G. Oliveira, L.W. Wang. Performance analysis  of an innovative multimode, multisalt and multieffect  chemisorption refrigeration system, AIChE Journal 2007, 53(12): 3222-3230.
  • R.Z. Wang and R.G. Oliveira. Adsorption refrigeration—An efficient way to make good use of waste heat and solar energy, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 2006, 32(4): 424-458
  • Y.H. Kuang and R.Z. Wang. Performance of a multi-functional direct-expansion solar assisted heat pump system , Solar Energy, 2006, 80( 7): 795-803
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  • Y.Z. Lu, R.Z. Wang, S. Jiangzhou, M. Zhang, Y.X. Xu, J.Y. Wu.  Performance Investigation of an Exhausted-Heat-Powered Adsorption Air Conditioning System Used for Diesel Locomotive. Adsorption, 2004, 10(1):57-68 .
  • Y. Z. Lu, R. Z. Wang, M. Zhang and S. Jiangzhou. Adsorption cold storage system with zeolite–water working pair used for locomotive air conditioning. Energy Conversion and Management,2003, 44(10):1733-1743.
  • R.Z. Wang, J. Y. Wu, Y. X. Xu, W. Wang, Performance researches and improvements on heat regenerative adsorption refrigerator and heat pump, Energy Conversion and Management, 2001, 42(2):233-249.
  • R.Z. Wang, Performance improvement of adsorption cooling by heat and mass recovery operation, International Journal of Refrigeration, 2001, 24(7): 602-611.
  • R.Z. Wang, M. Li, Y.X. Xu, J. Y. Wu, An energy efficient hybrid system of solar powered water heater and adsorption ice maker, Solar Energy, 2000, 68(2):189-195.
  • R.Z. Wang, Q. B. Wang, Adsorption mechanism and improvement of adsorption equation for adsorption refrigeration pairs, International Journal of Energy Research, 1999. 23(10):887-898.
  • R. Z. Wang, P. Zhang, Pressure effect on the heat transfer in bath of superfluid helium, Cryogenics, 1998, 38(7):701-706.            
  • R. Z. Wang, H. Kobayashi, Two step phase transition model of heat transfer in bath of subcooled superfluid helium, Cryogenics, 1998, 38(10):1035-1038. 
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